No You Can't: Megamind Promo in Farmville [Screenshots]

DreamWorks has just launched a 24-hour Farmville promo for its Megamind movie scheduled to premier tomorrow. The promo unfolds along the scenario similar to an earlier campaign by McDonald's: the hero appears on your neighbors list, he owns a farm, and for visiting it you get two items -- a useful crop booster Mega-Grow and a useless floating decoration (McDonald's gave away a coffee speed boost and a decorative balloon while Farmers Insurance balloon prevented crops from withering).  The "No You Can't" balloon -- a nod to the iconic Shepard Fairey poster and Obama's 2008 slogan --  is a nice touch that's also ironic in light of yesterday's elections.

As far as I can tell, nothing else on the farm is clickable.

Reuters says you can buy movie tickets from the promo; the link to the tickets is actually outside of the game area and it goes to a tab on Megamind's Facebook page.