Farmers Insurance Insures Farmville Farms

Saw this blimp on Farmville's spash screen today. It turns out that "The Farmers [Insurance] in-game integration will use the likeness of its Farmers Insurance Airship, a 246-foot long Zeppelin. When players place the Farmers Airship on their farm, they receive free "wither protection" for the crops on their virtual farm. In a nod to the security that Farmers Insurance offer its customers, this protection means players crops won't wither for the 10 days of the promotion."

Might be too perfect of a fit. It took me a while to register that Farmers is an actual insurance company and not a Farmville in-game reference.

Farmers's Facebook page says theirs is the "largest Zeppelin in the world", and the company raffles out rides.

This is me in my blueberry garden, waiting for the airship to arrive. I'll park it next to my McDonald's balloon.

Update: It's here!