Timing Visibility of Display Ads on a Page

This is pretty nifty. An ad network called World Web Network created launched technology that "monitors the visibility time of each banner on a Web page. [The technology] measures the amount of time that a banner is visible on the page and the web surfer is active. Time is only tallied when the script detects a regular mouse-keyboard activity. After ten seconds of idle time, the tool will pause until activity returns, ensuring a reliable metric." (source: press release).

Try the demo and see for yourself: it detects when you are below your screen's fold and can't see the banners.

I don't know if this has any real application in ad sales -- it matters little how "visible" the ad is if the average fixation (dwell) time for a banner is about one second --but I see it being useful in page content analysis. Too bad the tech is proprietary.

Correction: The technology was created by Alenty, not WWN who licenses it from the creators.