Jumat, 26 Maret 2010

CAPTCHA Advertising Closer to Reality

Two enterprising dudes from Germany are trying to patent CAPTCHA advertising, with a twist: the CAPTCHA message will be contained in a video ad. "User needs to pay close attention to the advertising video clip in order to gain access to the requested content. This way, the user cannot use advertising blocking programs, close the advertising or ignore the advertising, if the user wants to gain access to the requested content."

They look pretty serious about it, too -- this website must be theirs. Stateside, they will be competing with  adcaptcher.com and adscaptcha.com.  And with Microsoft, for that matter, who has submitted a similar patent application last year.

But ha!  Five years too late, I say. How about some well-documented prior art? Not to mention an existing working WordPress plugin or an actual product?

[And check this out: the website where I found the first patent adds a link to itself to your clipboard as you right-click/copy the text, at least in Chrome. Nifty.]