Jumat, 08 Januari 2010

Canned Tweets, Ready to Go

Watch me productize my open browser tabs.  Short on Twitter fodder?  Try our canned, fresh, never-tweeted-before tweets!  Everything here is under 140 characters and ready to go.

Stamps in Braille - http://bit.ly/4O9TJz

Electronic Plastic - 380 retro-futuristic designs of handheld and tabletop games from the 80s (http://bit.ly/6xhgbq).

A very awesome collection of retro gadgetry at RetroThing.com (http://bit.ly/8VlKsU)

Coraline 3D Garden promo #AR website for the very creepy movie (equally disturbing are the system and browser requirements.) - http://bit.ly/7iO5Zw

Someone should run an eyetracking study of Newser (http://bit.ly/4qBnMZ) - a cool interface all over the place - and compare to Drudge.

Study: experienced web designers could predict only 46% of the elements users typically saw - http://bit.ly/8fuIST

Two of the only few pictures from the Monopoly Live game in London a couple of years ago (http://bit.ly/7Kjxid)

Dior models in Moscow, July 1959. Photos by Howard Sochurek. (http://bit.ly/87Oo0T)

Oblong Industries - the company behind many tech ideas in Minority Report (http://bit.ly/6l2UDQ).