Minggu, 04 Oktober 2009

New Digg Ads Spotted In The Wild

Matt Hames spotted an ad for a Threadless.com t-shirt on Digg served in a new format announced a few months ago. I hurried to Digg to see for myself, but the ad was gone and it didn't pop up in the site search; all I found was this cached version of a page. The ad looks like any other Digg headline, complete with a Digg counter and a thumb-up and bury buttons. Comments are missing, unfortunately, and so are the metadata such as the name of the submitter and the time stamp -- a missed opportunity for a Digg advertiser become a part of the site's community instead of a faceless entity that plasters ads, however likeable.

Wonder if you can see if a user has dugg a particular ad.

The company's "chief revenue officer" has blogged about it, if you would like to leave direct feedback.