College Freshman Starts Ad Biz, Needs Advice

Evan Savar, a college freshman in Vegas, is looking for advice about his out-of-home ad biz:  what should he do to get noticed by media buyers? If you've got a tip for him, leave it in the comments or get in touch with Evan directly on LinkedIn. Evan's letter follows.

I have created a company in Vegas called TransVertise. I got the idea when i went inside a Vegas shuttle bus and saw a TV that was not being used. I did some research and came to the conclusion that none of the Vegas vehicles utilize their TVs. So I created a horrible slide show video presentation, which has since became very well done, and began to make agreements with limos and shuttle bus companies to allow me to own the rights to their TV's and play the videos. I get advertisers and give them 25 percent of the revenue the ads generate

I currently own the rights 300 vehicles that go from the Las Vegas airport to down town and will reach over 175,000 captivated Las Vegas tourists a month. I am finalizing all the contracts /production of the videos/ as well as our advertisers packet. Our goal launch is in 2 months. Only problem is getting advertisers. I am having a hard time due to very little experience and knowledge. Over the past 6 months I have worked very hard to build my business, from relationships with all the limo/ shuttle bus companies to building all the systems ( equipment for the buses to track so we can make sure ads are being played, deal with number one production company in Vegas, and figuring out pay scale) I have received interest from a lot of people but can't seem to find advertisers.... Any ideas? Do you think what I have is an asset?

I believe out of home digital marketing is a growing trend. My goals is to eventually install TV's in the Vegas vehicles that don't have them and expand to other tourist locations all over the country. I would also like to have our custom branded advertising in Rental Car buses such as Budget etc... Small steps first.